◆Geothermal reservoir analysis

Our research on geothermal development has high practical use to overcome various problems and its field is extensive, such as research from geothermal power generation using high temperature geothermal fluids to geothermal utilization using the thermal energy near the land surface. On the research for geothermal reservoir analysis we analyze the data of geothermal fields in Kyushu or Tohoku district using reservoir engineering approaches and are understanding of the hydraulic characteristics of the reservoir by analyzing the results of the tracer test and simulation.

・Reservoir simulation
・Tracer test

Reservoir simulation(left),Experimental equipment of tracer test(right)

◆Geothermal production engineering

On the research for geothermal production engineering we analyze the wellbore flow using simulation software .

・Wellbore Flow

Wellbore model

◆Research on Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pump system is an energy supply system using thermal resources of shallow ground. The wider application of this system is expected to be the solution to environmental problems such as the heat-island phenomenon or energy-savings. Recently we have varied field tests at various locations in Japan for development of cost-effective geothermal heat pump systems.

Experimental facility in Oginoura field

Modeling of Large-scale Groundwater Flow System

We construct numerical models to analyze large-scale groundwater flow systems based on the water properties, stable isotope ratios of oxygen and hydrogen and distribution of groundwater temperature, which are obtained through extensive field surveys.

Groundwater field survey(left), Groundwater flow system model(right)