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Department of Earth Resources Engineering

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Nanobubbles/Ultrafine bubbles
Hadal Trenches
Crystal Growth & Polymorphism
Lunar & Martian Surfaces
Social Physics
Submarine Mud Volcanism
Methane Hydrates
Solid Earth-Climate System Interaction
Ocean Drilling

Bachelor or Master's student advisee: 6
* Kioka as corresponding-author: 15


  1. Tabuchi, Y., Kioka, A.* & Yamada, Y. Water permeability of sunlit lunar highlands regolith using LHS-1 simulant. Acta Astronautica 213, 344–354 (2023).

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  5. Kioka, A.* Geological Occurrence and Morphological Feature of Submarine Mud Volcanoes: A brief review. J. Geol. Soc. Jpn 126(1), 17–28 (2019). [in Japanese w/ English Abstr.]
    喜岡新.世界の海底泥火山の分布と山体形態に関する一考察.地質学雑誌,126,17–28 (2020).


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